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Most of us know that locum contracts offer hourly rates so you can have consistency of income. Locum work also gives you the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want.

Whether you’re hoping to maximise your earning potential, experience new working environments or visit new locations across Australia while getting paid at the same time; locum work gives you the freedom and flexibility to do what is important to you at every stage of your career.

A break in routine can be very refreshing

Most General Practitioners find it very rewarding to experience life outside your normal environment. They want to feel like they are making a real difference to health outcomes.

Locum work allows you to meet a wide range of people and if you are in a remote and rural community, it presents the opportunity to increase your skill set and gain greater exposure to new or different ways of doing things.

Either way you will be stepping outside your comfort zone and it is not for everyone.

The Workshop offers a variety of locum placements

At The Workshop we have a variety of locum placements around Australia ranging from one day to six months, as well as ongoing positions giving you greater choice and flexibility.

Before we engage with a new medial centre or healthcare facility who require a full time or locum General Practitioner, we prefer to visit with our client’s clinics. This way we have a true understanding of the environment that you will be working in and how the practice is managed.

There is nothing worse than starting in a new job and things not gelling the way you expected them to.

If you are considering working as a locum and would like to talk to someone who has a genuine interest in, you as a Doctor and as a person please contact us for a confidential discussion.

We know how to take the initiative and affect outcomes – our team are medical recruitment specialists, who work on your behalf.

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