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Having a good medical recruitment agency is critical. Especially because the market is fluid with job opportunities and the demand is high for both permanent VR and Non VR General Practitioners.

The focus of the agency you choose to partner with should be on sourcing roles tailored to your personal needs. They should at all times be considering what is right for both you and the employer.

A mid to long term solution should be forefront in their minds. Not just throwing “mud at the wall” and hoping it sticks!

You are putting your career in their hands, disruption and wrong hires is difficult to recover from for the employer as well as you, so make sure that you are all on the same page.

An agency must be able to handle the paperwork and be highly skilled at negotiating effectively on your behalf.
Good communication, responding quickly to queries, thinking outside the square and all possible options are key factors.

You want your medical recruitment agency to be proactive

Unfortunately, many people in the medical recruitment industry for General Practitioners have never worked in a Medical Centre nor truly understand the day to day stress of your work day.

What makes us unique is that our CEO Marama Montgomery and her family own a boutique network of medical centres that they have built from scratch. We all know what energy it takes for you to manage patients every day. We truly understand that it is not an easy role and that no two days are ever the same.

This coupled with years of recruitment experience and a genuine desire to do what is right for your career not theirs, puts The Workshop streets ahead of any other medical recruitment agency in the global marketplace.

If you are a General Practitioner and are looking to partner with a medical recruitment agency who know the industry, have visited with all of their client’s practices and who really care about your career, then The Workshop team are the people to contact to enhance your career.

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