Are you already in Australia, but trained Overseas?

At The Workshop, we have years of experience liaising with Doctors either trained in Australia or those that are Overseas Trained, who would like to work or continue to work in Australia.

We have spent more than 25 years developing our depth of knowledge, by working with relevant Departments, the RACGP and the Medical Board to help you achieve your dreams of practising medicine in Australia.

Getting registered with AHPRA

Registration for Overseas Trained Doctors may seem like a daunting and complex process and it can be, but it is certainly not impossible to get registered and start working here.

However, you will need to be diligent, persistent and patient as the paperwork alone is a mammoth task.

Some of our clients will have positions available that suit your qualifications and experience and/or that require District of Workforce.

But not all will….

Most Overseas Trained Doctors will need to have supervision for at least 12 months and sometimes that hinders a medical centres ability to support you through Limited or Provisional registration to General and Specialist registration as a General Practitioner.

We still may have a vacancy that suits you, especially if you are General or Vocationally Registered (or equivalent).

All of our roles are advertised on and we are only to happy to have a conversation with you if you feel like you are drowning in paperwork and colleagues misguided advice.

Considering moving to Australia to work?

We understand what an important life altering event it is to move to another country to live and work, we have done it ourselves in our personal careers. Therefore, we hope our experience in assisting Doctors in doing so will ease any concerns they may have.

If you are you interested in working in Australia enquire today – We may have a General Practice position that suits you perfectly.

Below are some helpful links for Overseas Trained Doctors –

Helpful Links for Overseas Trained Doctors –

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